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What you should know about ....Write Learn Earn ?

edited July 2015 in WriteLearnEarn
There are many website around the world who offer you handsome amount on your article but the problem is your articles dont get approved that easy or they want from is you always is paypal or something which you cannot continue on ...

Someone refered me to Write Learn and Earn and ask me to write and see if the website is authenticated or not ....So first step for me when i visited the website was .... wh0pes does not seems to be authenticated website by the looks, still i made a way through and start writing...Nearly got approved on 80% of my submissions but the best point is, who ever does the QA of the articles have enough knowledge about what others are writing. 

So I was kind of surprise and next time what i did was being very careful start writing again and got approved. As the website is new and so as the market place .... my articles got approved but sold out ration took a huge time next 60 days my two articles sold out of 10 then I moved off my 8 articles to other web which i never got paid back off.... 

I would like to all the beginners who are new to writing will suggest them to write for WriteLearnEarn though a little late response but you get paid for your work - atleast you do not have a fear of not getting paid. 

Follow the following Step and you be at a place where you can sell your content, good and quick 

Step One:

Register with WLE .

Once you are registered, check your email and activate your account. 

Step Two: 

Read About US on the left side lower bottom of the website - before you start up. 

Step Three: 

Go through Resource Section - It plays a major part in your working ... So never forget it .... 

Step Four: 

Very strictly follow their instruction of Quick Start Guide section. 

Remember now they have increased their Article Selling Market so now i see content going pretty quick. 

These are few simple methods, above all trust me these guys are awsome with contact support .... 

At last ... Everything i said in this discussion is true and best of my knowledge - WLE never paid me for writing.


  • edited July 2015
    Thanks for the post, Riz. Very cool to be able to put a face to a familiar name!

    I'd like to address a couple of points:

    Most importantly, you said that "WLE never paid me for writing", though you cashed out on 1 May. I assume this was a typo. :)

    Secondly, the Quick Start Guide is horribly, horribly out of date. I really need to update it to reflect the massive changes in the system over the last 12 months or so!
  • RizRiz
    edited July 2015
    My apologies .. its a Type ... WLE have always paid me ... it was the fastest payment i would have ever received ... but those articles took alot of time .... 

    Secondly if Quick Guide is horribly out of date ... Please update me too ... 

    Also please change it to WLE Paid me for my writing 
  • No need to update your post, Riz - and thanks for clearing that up! The guide update is on my list of things to do (which is very long indeed..!) - it's really just a user manual for navigating the site, but I'll get it sorted.
  • Pardon me for my naivete, I didn't know that Write Earn and Learn is a writing website. Probably you will realize that indeed I am a newbie in online writing. As I had posted in another thread, I am here to enhance my communication skills in written English so I would not have difficulty in writing memos as part of my office job.

    That site where you submit articles, how long are the articles and what subject matter do they entertain?
  • WriteLearnEarn is a HHN site (so I own it). It has a whole history, which I won't go into here, but it accepts pretty much any topic and any length (above ~250 words and smaller than ebook size). 

    Obviously, that's a generalisation - as Riz has pointed out, we do reject content! There are proper guidelines on the site, but in general it's for informational articles, not anecdotes, first-person, op-ed or creative writing. Website content, in most cases.
  • Just dropped back in to say that I found time to update the Quick Start Guide today. Lots of minor changes, but nothing significant - it was more up-to-date than I had thought. :)
  • The website looks interesting, especially with options like instant and fast sale to make me worry less about whether or not my content will sell. I was just curious, SpikeWyatt, about what article topics sell the best on this website?
  • Hey @AMAS24. Nice to see another new face here. :)

    There's a page of always-good topics on the site:

    The best seller on WLE most of the time is business stuff - online business, marketing, planning, strategy and so on. It's a perennial favourite, not only because there are so many people trying to make some money, but because it's such a HUGE subject area. Everything from lean startups to social media, hiring and firing to financial planning, humour, legal advice... it all does pretty well.

    Other good options are the usual popular topics: health, weight loss, apps, smartphones and things that fit well into lists. That bears further notice, actually: the list format always goes well, because it's easy to read and absorb, and makes for good "filler" content that can easily go viral with a few shares. "5 Tips for...", "7 Ways to...", "3 Secrets of..." and so on. I wouldn't advise going above a dozen items on a list, though travel sites do seem to love a nice big "50 things to do in..." title every now and again.

    More important than the subject, though, is the angle and style. Since I announced up-front sales, I'm seeing an enormous flood of low-quality content that is - with no offense intended - "same old, same old". The chances of selling aren't good, and there's no way it'll go for an up-front, even though that's all many of the writers are hoping for - i.e. submit junk, get it accepted, cash in fast - exactly the same thing they tried to do with fast sales, but this time I saw it coming...!

    On the same note, there's some excellent stuff coming in as well. One new guy posted about 20 articles within 48 hours - so presumably they're unsold titles he had lying around - and some are great ideas. Up-fronts for him and a quick payout, lots of reworking for the in-house editors, and some happy clients ahead.

    A quick example of a different angle, in case it will help. Which of these two articles would you buy if you were looking for content for a site about marketing and SEO?

    (a) What is SEO? Covering the basics of what it is and why people do it.
    (b) 4 Fundamentals of SEO. Covering the four essential questions to ask before you decide on your strategy.

    It's going to be (b) every time. Why? Because the other one has been done a million times. The only way article (a) will sell is if the author is really lucky or if they come at it from a totally new angle - what works in 2015, so-called guru secrets that are actually wrong, answers to noob questions... something, anything that makes the article stand out in the flood of website social shares. (There is, of course, the possibility that the same-old content will sell regardless, but I wouldn't like to hold my breath while I waited.)

    Never forget that the client wants something that will bring traffic. And they're not going to pay decent money for stuff you can look up on Wikipedia.

    Hope it helps!

    (Note: some of this text is from a similar response I posted on another forum, just so you know.)
  • Thank you, SpikeWyatt, for both the welcome and information. Nice to meet you, as well!

    I was unaware that WLE also accepts articles in list format from quickly browsing the site. I agree that business-related articles and "How-To's" tend to be the best sellers (from other sites that I've worked on). A few of the sites I worked for didn't have much of a problem with junk articles coming in since their writer base was smaller. Unfortunately, they also went bankrupt, but for the reason that they couldn't keep up with orders and unmotivated writers left the site after not having seen sales in months.

    The writer's story that you shared is quite motivating and you might just see me on the site when I have written up a batch of articles. Thank you again for the long and detailed reply!
  • WLE doesn't take basic lists - one-liners - but it does take lists in the sense that there are 5, 7, 10 or however many items, each with a short (or long!) para explaining the item. Straight lists don't sell well, because they're too quick to read and don't keep the reader on the site to look at other stuff.
  • I will definitely check out Write Learn Earn. I am looking for new options for my writing. I think this might be a good use of my time. It is a site I have only heard about from this forum. but it may be something worthwhile and something I could put in as another egg in my writing basket.
  • You'll be very welcome, @kgord. Bear in mind it's primarily a marketplace setup rather than a write-on-demand site, so some patience can go a long way. :)
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