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Some writing sites that pay writers

edited July 2015 in Freelance Writing
Beware of writing sites that claim to pay writers because I have come across countless of complaints about those. However, this thread is the positive side so I guess I have to note down the first site that I have proof of payment.

ChatAbout is a writing site where you can post opinion. It is like a forum but not exactly. They have threads for topics and you post commenets that can earn you 1/2 cent for each comment. Upon reaching 1,000 comments, you can redeem that in cash equivalent to $5.


  • Be wary of sites that offer fixed rates like that. It's not a sustainable model, especially once people start flocking to the site and hammering it with traffic - BubbleWS and at least one other site have already suffered the consequences of fixed rates and the inevitable flood of posts they attract.
  • Well Corzhens ... you talking about some sites ... well Ghost Bloggers claim to be the best site for paying good money on content, and the worst part is they never paid me my $150 .... if you ask me honestly...i do not trust any website now ... 

    Even good company like it who shows authenciation really are not authenticated 
  • @SpikeWyatt, do you mean to say that fixed payment is susceptible to bankruptcy? Enlighten me a bit, how are those sites earning their revenue to pay the writers? If it is from advertisements, it looks to me that their revenue is also fixed.

    @Riz, I have many friends who are writing online and they have lots of horror stories on sites that do not pay. Yes, Bubblews is in their list and it seemed like most of them (my writer friends) have been victimized by that site.
  • The fixed payment model rarely works because of how many online workers use web sites. 

    Advertising revenue depends either on page views (CPM) or clicks (CPC) - or signups and stuff, but most writing sites don't use much CPA. The problem comes from being unable to guarantee how much ad income you'll get. As these sites grow in popularity, they attract (among others) a certain type of online earner... who is only interested in sucking money out of the site, rather than creating quality. So they just visit to get their money, not to help the business continue.

    And that's the nub of the problem: the ad income almost never grows at the same rate as the site's population - and therefore the amount going out. 

    Add the trouble created by users gaming the system (e.g. getting friends to comment, creating multiple accounts to do so, or using proxies to generate comments from multiple IP addresses) and you have a model where you've promised to pay out a certain amount, but your ads aren't generating enough to cover your outgoings.

    Most of these sites aren't dishonest. They just don't see the flaw in their business model because they think they've worked it out. Unfortunately, few of the site owners take into account the pure selfishness of many online workers, and the fact that their systems are so easily abused. And thus they go bankrupt. :(
  • Now I understand why that very notorious site called Bubblews exploded late last year. They didn't see the flaw and therefore when the bubble burst due to over population, they couldn't afford to fulfill their promise to pay. And probably, as per the conversation of my friends who joined that site, the site was abused by spammers.

    I have an approved application in one writing site (I don't want to mention the name) but it is an article writing and from what I understand the article needs to be submitted for approval hence the risk of wasting too much time. For the information of everyone, I have a full time job and my endeavors to writing sites are purely for hobby only although lately I seem to be enjoying, hahahaaa.
  • I have been working from home in various facets of the freelance writing industry since 2003. One of the best things you can ever do before hooking up with a company is to Google the company name with the word scam behind it. If you only come up with one or two results then chances are you have found a good company to try. Never waste a lot of time or effort on a single company either until you see for yourself whether or not payment comes through. :)
  • I have registered with them. You receive one cent per comment. It seemed like a good idea, but getting to the thousand can take eons, at least it seems. I may continue to comment because the topics are very interesting. It is more enjoyable when I think of it this way because I truly get involved in the discussions. I am hoping the site does not go bankrupt. Maybe they will figure out a way to make it work. 
  • You are right, @Marie92. There are many sites that offer higher rates than that 1 cent per post, no half cent actually. And I guess it would take a month before you can get the minimum payout of $5. I am actually not a member of that site, just got info from my writing friends who I met in forums. I always take note of earning sites because I'm sure I would be in that direction someday... when  my workload becomes lighter.
  • It's interesting to see some of the rates that sites offer. Honestly, I personally wouldn't want to make one thousand comments only to earn five dollars. It doesn't seem like something I would keep in my freelance writing basket in order to make some money. The sad thing is, I don't know many other sites that offer higher pay for similar services.
  • There used to be a site that was very promising. It pays $5 for an article published. But unfortunately, the site did not fulfill its end of the bargain. Now the site is already suspended.

    The most popular writing sites are those where you post and article and other writers would post a comment or click the like. And your article earns points from those comments and likes. Of course, you also have to interact by reading other posted articles and commenting as well. And they say the pay is good.
  • I actually have never heard of a content mill like the one you mentioned in your second paragraph. How many points does it usually take to cash out? Are there cash out thresholds? Actually, my major question is if people actually make money on it.
  • Some of those writing sites which accepts articles for posting are...
    1)  Bubblews which is very notorious since they reneged on their promise to pay
    2) Daily Two Cents which looks okay but the traffic is very thin such that you get only a few likes for your post
    3) Persona Paper which is also legit like DTC but the same with the slow traffic.

    Those are just some of what I gathered from my writing friends. I haven't joined any of those sites yet but they are verified correct.
  • I have written on Chatabout's posting section before and was awarded my 100 points for doing so. The problem is that the point value equals 50 cents for 100 words, which is extremely low. I would never post some of my best work on there for that low of pay. I guess the only thing that will really save their bacon from spammed is that they review the posts before they will award you the points.

    I wrote on Bubblews for a while and eventually got to the $50 cashout. It took over a month for the money to hit my account and then mysteriously my account was deleted despite the fact that I followed all of the rules. Their business model was severely flawed. A couple of sites tried to copy Bubblews and they eventually went under too.
  • @Rosyrain, I don't think ChatAbout has the means to check the posts for spam or nonsensical posts. I am not actually registered with ChatAbout but I have been taking a peek once in a while as part of my research. It's only now that I have spare time for the internet and although I am a newbie, I am trying to absorb everything that I encounter in my online sojourn.

    At least, it's nice to know that there are sites that pay good  and that you can earn good money from them. For a writer, the payment is very gratifying.
  • Payment is very gratifying for sure. I woke up this morning and found out that 3 of my recently posted articles sold and I was elated. These were not Chatabout articles, but ones that I post for people to buy from me. I almost felt like taking the day off and then realized that I am almost sold out of inventory, so I need to get more written.

    I hope you find your online writing experience to be fruitful and fun @corzhens and you can ask for help from any of us fellow writers anytime!
  • Rosyrain, I am so excited for you. When my first edit was sold I was thrilled. It was not big bucks but to think that someone bought something little old me edited was like winning the lotto. What made it especially sweet was that it was a very difficult edit, I pretty much had to rewrite it. In fact as I was a total novice the first edit actually got rejected but once I fixed 'her' up and she sold I was on top of the moon. 

    I have slowed down with my editing as I need to be in  a good frame of mind to get my editing done and quite a lot in my personal and professional life has me distracted. It's much easier to come and peep here and there and drop in a post than it is to edit something between hours at my daily jobs. 

    I am at my best when I am free of worries and have some alone time.
  • @Rosyrain, thanks very much for the encouragement. That post of yours was food for my thoughts. But right now, I cannot consider writing articles yet because of the time constraint. I get goose bumps thinking of articles because I used to hate essay writing in school. Although my writing skills have been much improved, I still have that fear of making mistakes.

    I understand that having an accepted article for publishing is like winning an award of sorts. It's not much of the money but more of the recognition of oneself that indeed you can write a good piece.
  • I've been at ChatAbout for a few months and successfully cashed out once, but I've never been very active there because a half cent per comment is so little. I really should try writing a short post for them to see if I can earn that 100 points without too much effort because that's the only way the site will ever be worth my time. Obviously I'd keep my best work for elsewhere, but it might work for the kind of posts I was publishing at places like Bubblews where it's no longer possible to earn anywhere near $0.50 for them.
  • You're right @Gina145. That's nothing to pay for a comment. Sigh. This darn internet. Basically legalizing slave wages. Sucks.
  • I would rather than look for something that pays a bit more. I think I have joined chatabout though. I don;t want to waste my time working on sites that pay nothing. We have to have a bit more respect for ourselves as writers than to settle for chump change. These sites that pay that succeed because people are willing to accept it.
  • @kgord, it looks like that site is like a body shop, those agencies of yore that provides encoders. We used to call those encoders robots because all they do is look at the sheet and type what they see. They don't need the brains for that kind of work. With ChatAbout, that's what I gather, that you can post for the sake of posting and earning. No need for thinking and the main objective is the churn out words that would make a little sense if possible. And that's it.
  • I'm a little disheartened by ChatAbout at the moment. It's a good site but it could be so much better and there are a lot of flaws with it. Twenty points ($0.10c) for a 400-word article and 5 points ($0.025c) for a 100-word review is not a very good pay rate at all, at least not for anyone serious. I've managed to have three of 100-word posts approved which earned 100 points each but I haven't been able to get another post published since then and I really don't fancy writing articles for ten cents. The bonus area on ChatAbout is also absolutely full with offers which either want your personal information or downloads that include spyware and viruses.
  • I had checked out ChatAbout and the 1/2 cent it pays for the comments (with a minimum number of words) is very time consuming. I guess there are lots of other sites that pay a much higher rate than that. With the posting of articles, I didn't know that submitted articles are subject to review and approval.

    There is a forum that I chanced upon called ForumCoin. It's quite good in terms of earnings because compared to ChatAbout's 1/2 cent per comment, this site pays 2 cents at least. What's funny though is you will see lots of comments obviously posted for the sake of posting. And most of the thread titles have no depth. Another body shop, I'd say.
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