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Hosting with HHN: The How-To

This How-To post is for all the people who've taken me up on my offer of free hosting for freelancers:

Basic Info:
Sites get 500Mb of space for starters. This is not an absolute limit, but ensures quota alarms go off if someone starts using tons of space, so I can sort things out. It's usually something daft like leaving daily backups to collect (one person had about 40 of them at one point). If you need more space, ask. Please do not host video or audio, as it chews up bandwidth like crazy - embed YouTube or similar and stream from there.

Email addresses get a 25Mb inbox by default. Again, it's not an upper limit, but staves off any rabid abuse. If you need a bigger inbox (e.g. your freelancing is graphics and people send you ginormous images), just ask. You can have multiple email addresses, either with inboxes or as forwarders that send incoming mail on to your main address (or wherever). Again, just ask.

Step 1: 
- You read the terms and are happy with all that. 
- You PM me and ask for hosting. I need your domain name, so I can set up the server account (assuming you are accepted).

Read the comments for Steps 2 and 3!


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