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Any Writelearnearn member got paid?

edited August 2015 in WriteLearnEarn
Hi Everybody, I recently earned some money after writing for However, I have not cashed out yet. I would like to ask members of writelearnearn about getting paid. Has any member of writelearnearn got paid after cashing out? Do you receive your hard earned money on time? Does Writelearnearn really pay its members on time? Does Writelearnearn really pay its members?



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    Since I own and run them, my input here is obviously subject to scepticism. :)

    I trust some folks will post, but as a starter here's a screenie of some of HHN's PayPal payments going out today (payday) to members, with the surnames masked for privacy. Obviously anyone can fake a screenshot of anything these days, so you'll just have to trust me on this - at least until members post confirmations and opinions!

    Note to members: if you do decide to post a "payment proof", please make sure you mask your personal details. Far too many crawlers around looking for that kind of info to use against you!

  • I'm one of the editors there and this was my first pay period. Rest assured, you will be paid.
  • PrinceofHeart, please be assured you will be paid. I say that with such confidence you'd think I prepare the payments. Admin is so transparent you could easily feel that way to be honest. I am not going to try to pull any payment proof from Paypal. I'm terribly slow with stuff like that and besides, you'll just have to trust me when I say I edit there and I have ALWAYS been paid.

  • You will absolutely get paid. The owner of the business is completely trustworthy. I write and edit for WLE and have always been paid on time with no problems whatsoever.
  • Yes, you will be paid on time. I have been with WLE for a year now and so far so good. :D
  • Yes, definitely! :)
  • This thread has prompted me to add WLE (and PenStars) to Trustpilot. There are, of course, no reviews yet, but I figured the sites need to be on an independent review site, to help reassure writers!

  • Hello WLE Team,

    Looking forward to working with you guys.
    I have posted only one article waiting to be reviewed.

  • Welcome to the fun-house, @mayapillai. Looking forward to seeing your work!
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