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Establishing yourself as a writer

Have you managed to successfully establish yourself as a writer? If so, how long has it taken? Personally, I've been writing for seven years now and I've found it incredibly difficult. I'm not making anywhere near a full-time wage from it and to be honest I don't think I ever will and that's writing about a very niche topic which attracts a lot of attention online. I get a monthly payout each and every month from my online content but it's minimal compared to the amount of work I've put into it.


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    Since I'm a part-timer - I'm also a full-time carer - it's hard to judge, but I'd say I've successfully established myself, yes. I'm not famous and I don't do marketing (so I don't earn piles of cash), but I earn what I believe my work is worth and have sufficient work to keep me occupied when I'm not running my sites. More importantly, I don't have too much to do so I can still enjoy it, and clients come to me via word of mouth (rather than me having to spend hours trawling for work).

    Of course, freelance writing direct for clients pays a LOT more than running a site or two, but that's often the way of things. Frankly, I'm not in this business to make a lot of cash, so as long as things pay for themselves and I have a little spare for an occasional luxury or two (though most folks would probably consider my luxuries their necessities), I'm a happy bunny.
  • I'm just starting out and I spend a great deal of time clarifying my niche, reading about how to validate my business idea, what metrics I should be looking out for, what digital tools will help me make the most of that business intelligence. I'm hoping that will add up to something.

    What has been most helpful for you, Sparkster?
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    I can relate to your experience, Spike, because I'm a part-timer too. However, where we differ is in not intending to go full-time. Well, as for me, I'm looking forward to that day I'll sack my boss :). Yes, I want to be able to do more of that with freelancing. But hey man, I'm not finding it funny over here combining both my work and freelance writing. Well, let's say I'm still a beginner though. Nonetheless, it's been worth it all along.

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