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Attention grabbing intro

When you set out to write an article that you plan to sell, it is very important that your intro paragraph really stand out because this is what is going to get the reader interested. The first sentence should be the most important one that you write and I like to make mine witty so that they pop. The art of attention grabbing was taught to me at a young age in school and was one of the things I actually remember from my writing classes.


  • The intro is one of the hardest parts of any article - in fact, the professional French writer who edited my lady's final thesis said that he always writes the rest of his work first, then goes back and does the intro. That way he doesn't do any of those lightweight, limp opening paras that are so common these days. Can't say I disagree, really...!
  • If a big percentage of visitors leave a page within a few seconds of arriving, the content will not generate any ad revenue and the page will not be ranked high in search engine results.

    I don't write the final version of an intro until I have completed an article and I spend more time on getting the intro right than on any other part. 

    I always include the main keyword in the opening paragraph. This benefits search engine optimization and allows the intro to show up in search results.

    I also learned the importance of having a clear introduction and a conclusion when I was a student with regular assignments to write and exam questions to answer.

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