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Making the Leap

How did you make the leap from online content mills to more lucrative writing? It seems like every time I hear about writing assignments that pay a bit better or are not as demanding,.it always ends in disappointment. The work is rejected or the employer does not deliver the work that has been promised. I feel I do have some writing talent and should be making much more than I do. I need to escape the sweatshops for writers.


  • The best way is to go out and hunt down clients. Don't wait for a site to offer you work, offer you a system or anything like it - do what you would do if writing were your everyday business (which it is if you're a freelance writer).

    Better-paid work is generally better paid because there's no middleman. There's no site taking a cut, no agent taking a cut, no sales person, no editor, no nothing.

    Finding them is, of course, the challenge. I picked up my main regular clients through the bidding sites. Landed a job, did the work, was better than they expected, got more work. Local clients are a good idea, and you can always pop messages to the marketing and HR departments of pretty much any business - if you don't ask, you'll never know!

    A lot of it is confidence, as well - if you believe your work is worth more (and you have reasonable skill), you can MAKE it worth more. I regularly see people who charge insane prices for their work and they write worse than you or me. :)
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