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Edits & Content Mill Rejections

As a freelance writer, you will inevitably come across that client or website (aka content mill) that doesn't like your writing. What do you do in those cases?

For me, it depends on why they don't like my writing. If it's something that I can easily address (like grammar or mechanics), I will fix that up to 3 times for free. If it's something that I will take more time, I may need to revisit whether I want to continue with the project.


  • When it comes to content mills they are usually paying so little to begin with, I will usually only do one revision or two at the most. Also it depends on how nice they are when requesting the revisions. Those who are polite and treat me like a human being get more of my time and attention than those who have rude things to say. I will not revise content for clients who are rude, impolite or too demanding.
  • I will always do a revision when requested. I don't get many requests for a revision, but with just a couple of exceptions, every first revision has been accepted and paid for . The other two were rejected, even though I followed the revision instructions precisely. Some clients are just not very good at explaining exactly what it is they want.

    Rejected articles are never a waste of time because they can be put to another use.

  • @ruthbwriter You make a good point about rejected articles. They can be used elsewhere. It definitely makes writing the next article (if it's the same subject matter) easier.
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