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Write from the heart

When you set out to write anything, whether it be an article, blog post, or a book, write from your heart. Too many people write for what they think others write, and write just to get something on paper. Write from your heart and be true to what you are writing. As an example, I recently wrote an article about how to deal with the emotional stress of a broken relationship and it sold almost instantly. I am no expert in psychology, but I wrote from my own experience and provided sound advice that just about anyone could follow.


  • It is true that some clients want true life stories or advice written from experience. Others want factual content that is not emotional or highly subjective and is based on sound research. It depends on what type of blog or website the content is for.

    I think there is room for both types of writing and one person can write either emotionally and objectively, as required. My aim in writing is to supply what my clients require, in a style or from a point of view that is suitable for their website or blog. 

  • Yes, there are both types of writing styles out there. What I meant by this post was to write about topics that you can stay true to and not try to fake writing about things you are clueless about. If you are passionate about a specific subject, pour your heart and soul in writing about it and your work will turn out better in the end.
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