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Writers Who Try to Cheat

I was shocked when a client told me recently that some other "content writers" submitted articles created by copy pasting a number of paragraphs from different sources.  I am aware that some cheaters use article spinning software and try to plagiarize whole articles, but stealing bits from different authors is just as despicable.

These people give genuine freelance writers like us a bad name.

Most clients and article websites will use a plagiarism checker that shows what these cheats are doing, so in the end they do not get paid.


  • "Try" to cheat is right. Like dumb criminals who think the police are too stupid to catch them, plagiarists think the people who run websites - or clients in general - are too stupid to spot stolen content. Given the huge number of free plagiarism checkers online these days, that's just silly (even if the checkers aren't all good).

    You'd be surprised the efforts people expend on trying to cheat - I often wonder if they take longer stealing content and pretending it's their own than they would writing. The funny thing is that they always try to come back after you throw them out... I don't get it. I mean, I've caught you once, I'll catch you again...!! :)
  • It really is stupid and I don't see how people can be as stupid as to cheat. Write your own stuff for crying out loud. I have played around with some of the free plagiarism software that they have online, and they are pretty accurate. I have even run some of my stuff through them to see how well they work, or if anyone has stolen content from me. I think plagarists should be publicly called out so that they will not find future clients.
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