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Common Mistakes Made When Writing for an Internet Audience

One of the most important factors in content marketing is writing in a way that will not put people off. The content has to grab attention rather than make people leave the page without viewing it.

The biggest mistake I notice a lot online is text that is unreadable because it lacks paragraphs and the individual points are not set out clearly. Any solid block of text is a big turn-off for most people.

I learned how to write for an Internet audience by reading a lot of articles online. I soon understood the use and importance of subheadings, bullet points and short paragraphs. I also saw too many articles without a closing paragraph to sum up what has been revealed about the idea that was suggested in the title and in the opening paragraph.

Do you notice and take account of mistakes in online content?


  • I have just posted in the other thread about posts that have no real substance. They are prevalent in some forum sites. Some writers write for the sake of writing with no intention to give value to their post. Maybe that's a syndrome in paid content writing because the objective is to produce words and sentences.

    My sojourn in internet writing sites is to enhance my writing skills in English. Apart from sharing, I also try to learn from the posts that I read especially the posts of good writers who compose their sentences clearly and with substance.
  • As a writer, I do take account of mistakes in the online content of others. (It can be hard to find my own mistakes because of my writer's blind spot). The main errors I see are:
    1. Rehasing what someone else already wrote
    2. Large blocks of text
    3. Missing the target (writing for the wrong target, writing for SEO instead of the humans, etc.)
  • I think a lot of online content writers get into a mindset that they need to accomplish a task when they are writing content. They put more emphasis on getting the task done, instead of what will actually appeal to readers. I know I am guilty of a lot of this. If you have no one to review your work...maybe asking youself if this would be something you would want to read and would benefit from would help.
  • I think this is because a lot of writers online are thinking of the money because that's they're doing it and not because of their love of writing. In other words, they just want to spew out as much keyword-rich content as they can to generate as much traffic as they can and therefore choose quantity over quality in the hopes that they'll make money quicker. Of course, that leads to errors and mundane content with a short life. If you're going to write, do it from the heart and write properly.
  • I agree absolutely with all your points. The quota I will contribute is that people's lack of interest in reading and researching before writing make their writing beautifully mediocre. And the problem about that is readers are apathetic to inferior writings that are full of nothing but vague personal opinions.
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