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WLE Update: Income Calendar

I've just added a bit of funky functionality to the WLE site, for all users.

On your My Money screen you'll see the usual information, but there's a new link to your "Income Calendar". This page displays a table for the current year (I'll get TIEro to add a dropdown when I can, so you can view older info), with all your earnings in their appropriate columns. Writers see their market, instant and fast sale earnings, earnings from referrals, any bonuses and their payouts. Editors see their editing earnings as well. Everything has yearly totals along the bottom, so you can check your accounts.



  • After a short, annoying argument with reserved words in WordPress that stopped anything working, the yearly view now has buttons. You can see your income calendar for every year from WLE's inception (2014) to the present - new buttons will automatically appear every year.
  • Thanks for that! I actually like the idea of an income calendar! Most sites just provide you a "here's what you earn and when you're supposed to get your money" type of chart. The more information I have, the better because I can understand how my efforts are paying off and where.
  • You could already see all that with the transaction list, but I figured it'd get really unwieldy messing around with hundreds of little items. An overview is always a nice thing to have - at-a-glance finances. :)
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