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Too many ideas?

Has anyone else ever struggled with the issue of having too many ideas for writing? I feel like this is a very specific type of writer's block. Or at least a related issue. It doesn't seem like it should be a problem, but I find myself often struggling to get anything finished for this reason. It usually takes one of three forms (and sometimes all three!):

1) I get so many ideas for directions to take that I can't figure out where to start 
2) I finally make a decision and then halfway through I get distracted by an earlier or different idea
3) I'm so excited about the direction I've chosen for a topic that I just keep writing and writing and writing...and then it's way too long.

The first one is the issue I run into most often these days. I just have so many ideas warring for attention in my poor little brain that I freeze up. And then if I run into any sort of snag with the angle I've "settled" on, then I become certain that I made the wrong choice and I jump back to my brainstorming list. The third one...well, let's just say that I never had a problem reaching the minimum words required on my essays in school.

How about you guys? Do you ever get overwhelmed by your own stormy brain? :)


  • I do sometimes find myself writing many more words than are required. Usually I will edit down a first draft to cut out anything that is not relevant to the topic.

    The advantage in having so many ideas is that you can write multiple articles on a single topic, each from a different angle or focusing on a different aspect. People often search online for specific information rather than wanting to read through a page of content covering multiple aspects of the same subject. By creating a lot of different content that to answer specific questions on the same topic you can attract a lot more visitors to a blog or website.

  • Yes, I deal with that all the time. I usully have write it down on its basics, and hope that I'll be inspired to flesh it out when I'm done doing the other things I'm working on. If I try to pick it up right then and there, I know that nothing will ever get finished.
  • I think everyone does. It's a side effect of having an always-thinking brain. One thing I would encourage you to do is use the problem of "having too many ideas" as an asset. Instead of stressing out about it, write them down and see if you can find any connections between those ideas. You might think of something very unique!
  • My brain seems to always be on overdrive and I tend to say too much when I write. I them have to go back and edit, and pare things down a bit so I have the right number of words. It is a blessing and a curse. I also get way too many topic ideas floating through my mind and just jot them down so that I can go back to them later and write about them. I rarely ever have nothing to write about.
  • Well I am very new to this world and when you speak of a stormy brain, I am thinking in my case it must be  a category 5 hurricane going on up there when it comes to ideas. The ideas are so many sometimes I sadly don't know where to get started or might be too slow for fear of being blown away by them all. 

    I want so badly to settle down and focus on one or two things and do them well. My day jobs done't help me in this regard so in the meantime I will keep on doing what I can to weather the mental storms/hurricanes.
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