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Write More by Setting a Daily or Weekly Writing Goal

Freelance writers often have deadlines to meet, but even if you write for your own blog or articles to post online it can be helpful to set a writing goal that you aim to attain in a day or within a week.


I set myself goal about how many words I will write every day, from first draft to completion. Some days I do fall short of my target and on others I might end up writing much more, but on days when I at least reach my minimum goal I feel most satisfied. This way I am motivated to write, not by how much money I may make, but how much I can achieve in a day.


I think having a goal setting system is the best way to get more writing done.


  • Honestly, setting word goals has never worked out well for me since it depends on the subject I'm writing about. There are times where I can go on and on about something that only interests a small niche. However, there are also popular niches where I can't seem to find enough words, even filler!

    I prefer to set monetary goals. For example, if I want to treat my guy to a nice restaurant I will set that as my two week goal and work until I believe I have enough saved up. I know these aren't big goals, such as rent or food needs. However, writing does have its seasons and I don't like to count on one chicken to hatch all my eggs.
  • RuthBwriter, I agree with you. I believe you set yourself up for greater success when you set yourself weekly or daily goals. It's something I have decided to do with my editing. Before, I was all  over the place and sometimes would find myself biting off more than I could chew. In essence it's about proper planning and while you might not be able to meet all of your goals, you most surely will meet some. 

  • Especially in the beginning stages of a freelance writer's career, having a word count is a great way to create the needed discipline to persist and endure. To ultimately get higher rates as a freelancer, you need a strong portfolio of content. The best way to do that is to consistently create content. One of the best ways to do that is to working toward a word count.

  • I tend to suffer terribly from writer's block, so setting goals doesn't really work for me. It seems that the more pressure I put myself under, the less I achieve. When I was still active at Bubblews it was my goal to write at least one post per day, but since I've given up on that site, I find it really difficult to come up with any ideas at all. I'm hoping that's just a temporary setback.
  • Gina145, maybe a post a day is simple for those who already have the hang of things. Try progressive goals, like one blog post a week and the following week two, three, etc. This will allow you to steadily increase your output.
  • Thanks @AMAS24 , that's great advice. I just wish I could find a suitable site to replace Bubblews. The loss of my "friends" there was really bad for my motivation.
  • At the moment I am only writing part time and so it is hard for me to set realistic goals that I can achieve. I can set out to make a goal that I am going to write 3 articles in a day, but then life happens and I only manage to get one done. Other days I can plan to take the day off and then end up writing all day because inspiration strikes and I have nothing else planned out for the day. Right now the only goal setting I am doing is to make more money than I did the previous month. I am going to have to start setting goals so if I plan to write full time at some point.
  • I do my best to write 2000 words a day, but I've changed up exactly how I do it. I used to be concerned with working on a single piece, and getting those 2000 words down in just that space.

    But after a while, I realized that it just didn't work for me. Since I've got about 30 or 40 ideas going through my head at any one particular time, I've learned to put things down and pick them up again later.

    I'll still get the 2000 words down, but I will do it over several projects. That way, I'm still keeping to a word count, and I'm being more productive overall.
  • I try to set a weekly monetary goal for myself. I don't always make my goal but I keep it in my mind always. This is something that I keep in the forefront at all times. I think that it is helpful to keep a daily writing dollar amount in sight as well. It is not always a good idea to think of quanitity over quality but sometimes it is something that can't be helped.
  • I am going to try to write 4 articles a day for an entire week this week since I am on vacation from my regular job and do not have much else to do. I believe that will equal out to about 2000 or more words per day and it is doable if I put my mind to it. I am really hoping to get some client requests this week so I don't have to come up with my own topics, but we'll see how it goes.
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