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Feeding Your Creativity

Writing, especially if you write a lot, can take a toll on your creativity, particularly if you write within a niche. 

What do you do to ensure that you have fresh ideas to write about on a regular basis?

For me, I;m thinking about starting a practice that came from Julie Cameron called "Morning Pages", in which you write 3 pages of whatever is in your head in the moment during your morning wake-up routine. I plan to capture any ideas that might be spilling out my head.


  • I keep a private journal. After tapping away at the computer keyboard all day, I take up a pen and write in a spiral bound notebook about my day. I focus on things outside of my writing work, although I mention briefly what I have been doing. I write more on where I went and what I did or saw when I was out, what the weather was like and how it affected where I was. I describe the light conditions and what I observed.

    I have done this for many years and now while I am out and I start thinking of how I shall describe what I am seeing when I take up my journal at the end of the day.  

    It helps creativity and it also ensures that I try to go somewhere each day, even if it's just a short walk during a break from writing, so I have something to write about in my journal.


  • I keep an ongoing topic list in which I jot down article titles that I can layer go back to when I am stuck for ideas. Whenever I am feeling creative I pull out my lost and start going to work on it. It is a running list so I just scratch out the titles as I work through them. I sometimes will even take old articles and cone up with new ideas based on what I have written in the past.
  • @RuthBwriter I actually just started a similar practice of writing out my thoughts on a pen and paper. I use the "Morning Pages" routine, created by Julia Cameron ("author of the "Artist's Way"), where you write 3 full pages of unscripted thought.

    The goal is to open up to channel of creativity that is going on in your head.

    I also scheduled  an activity that is similar to your second point, getting away from the computer to write. The idea is also came from Cameron, called an "artist date".

    The big idea, though, is to get out of the same box where you produce your creativity. Creativity, like all human endeavors, requires getting away from the mindset and tools of production for inspiration.
  • @Rosyrain I like your idea of keeping an idea list of titles. I actually use a list specifically for small content (slogans and names). Since the brain is continually developing new connections and associations, looking back at an old list can spark new writing.
  • I cannot say anything about this thread because I admit that I don't take writing too seriously. For those who met me here just recently, let it be known that I had joined writing sites only last month. And my main purpose is to enhance my written English.

    But that lack of ideas sometimes hit me with my office work. Like when I was tasked to present a plantilla or Table of Organization for my unit, it's not easy to chart more than 50 people under my responsibility. Indicating each staff's responsiblity would dry up my medulla oblongata. That's when I would stand and take a walk. Now I understand what the writers say about smoking break although I do not smoke.
  • Just simply sitting down and writing random thoughts and ideas helps out a lot and I love doing it. This practice really can lead to some excellent content when you have time to go back later and play with the list some more. Some ideas I never even use, and others, I can later break down into multiple pieces to write about. Just like an artists doodles, we writers should always be coming up with new ideas.
  • I have a trick that I still  haven't mastered yet myself, but I saw a video with Max Landis about creativity and flipping the premise. Check it out here.

  • Okay, my husband is a writer and I recognize him as an accomplished writer because editors would be asking for his articles for publication in local magazines. Anyway, so much for bragging.

    His style of writing is common, nothing extraordinary. But he collects ideas and concepts. When he thinks of something, he writes it down, making a notepad of his phone. He has a compilation of all those ideas that he would review once in a while. And when he needs to write an article, all he does is to take a peek. Last week, the editor of their office website requested him to write an article for their e-magazine. Right there and then, he came up with the article Filming With Drones. He wrote it in 2 hours... quick because the essence is already in his head.
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