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Forum Rules

Like all our sites, HHN's forum rules are pretty simple and mostly common sense:

  1. Post in the correct category if you can. If you're not sure, don't be surprised if we move your discussion to the right place.
  2. Be nice, be positive, be respectful. Take a deep breath and read that post again before you jump in with both feet and start shouting. 
  3. Absolutely NO spamming, either in discussions or private messages. Spammers will be removed without warning.
  4. Trolls will be removed.
  5. Try not to hijack discussions and send them off in weird directions. We know it's hard to resist, but try.
  6. Report stuff that doesn't belong, is offensive or otherwise deserves to be removed.
  7. The Moneyspinners category is for links to earning opportunities, get-rich-quick schemes and other such stuff. You may post referral links in this category, but not outside it (except in your signature).
  8. We do not censor (or censure) posts about our own sites, unless they contain profanity or inappropriate content.

Generally, we use our standard "one warning" approach: if you do something wrong, we'll warn you. Break the rules again and it's bye-bye. The notable exception to this rule is obvious spamming (such as posting rubbish content and stuffing links in it).
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