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What is your niche?

Each writer has different skills that allow them to be successful writing articles and other publications on certain topics. I for one am not technically inclined and so I avoid technology writing at all costs.

I like to write about home and family, travel, and cooking, as these are all areas that I am knowledgeable in. What is your niche, and what kind of writing do you do?


  • My writing is confined to office communications since I have been an ofice employee all my life. When I was with the Systems and Methods department, I would be writing methods and procedures manual. That's a lot of work but I somehow enjoyed it because I knew what I was writing about.

    With the internet and my planned blog, it is about pets that I can completely relate to because I am a dog lover through and through. And my style of writing would be in the first person like I am only chatting with friends.
  • I really love to write about sociological issues when I get the chance. And in a meta way, I enjoy writing about writing. I'm still getting my feet wet with content and freelance writing, though, so I haven't found a single niche yet. I like the idea of finding ways to combine topics/niches, though. It seems like a good way not only to find interesting ways to write about familiar topics (thus avoiding writing an article the internet's already seen a million times), but also a way to branch out into new topics and reach readers you wouldn't ordinarily be able to.

    Like Rosyrain, since you tend to avoid technology writing, you probably don't/wouldn't drive a lot of technology readers to your site or blog. But you could write about gadgets that can make life easier for a homemaker, for example (kind of a weak one, but I'm sure you'd be able to brainstorm something better). It wouldn't necessarily have to be a tech-heavy article, but it could open the door to new readers.
  • "gadgets that can make life easier for a homemaker"

    You would probably be surprised by the popularity of that kind of article. There's a big market for "5 apps for..." content and people love it. Given the enormous number of folks who own and use smartphones all the time and the ridiculous number of available apps, it's a good way to get visitors and to help out your regulars by finding useful stuff for them.
  • Mine it has always been entertainment-based. I was a entertainment writer and editor in college, and kept it going off and on a little as 25 years.
  • My niche is based on my experience as an almost-graduated college dropout (Psychology/Social Work) who became a marketing freelancer. I write about self-development, social justice, marketing, jobs, and education.
  • I've been struggling for a long time with my inability to find a niche that I'd feel confident writing about regularly, which would be necessary if I started my own blog.

    I've got a few articles at HubPages, but on a variety of topics. In the past my most popular articles were those I wrote about Bubblews but, as the site declines, interest seems to be dropping in those and I don't have too many other money-making opportunities to write about. I've also had small success writing about cricket, though my most recent articles haven't achieved the same success as the earlier ones. And I still get some views on some rather outdated articles about cameras, but think it would be difficult to write new ones about cameras I've never used.

    Currently my most successful Hub is one about bonsai trees and I'd love to write more about that. But I still regard myself as a novice in that art and feel that there is so much better information available online that I'm not sure I'd achieve too much success in this niche anyway.
  • I don't turn any articles away that strike my fancy. I can always do research online for the material I know very little about. These are the options that I take advantage of. i  write about some of the same topics consistently, so I am able to write these articles very quickly since I have done research on this topic already. This is one of the joys of being able to have a resource like the internet on your side.
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