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Writing articles for writing websites

I haven't tried my hand yet in writing articles but when I started my research 2 months ago about writing, I came across with forums where they mention the names of writing sites where you can submit articles. The payment schemes differ but the essence is you get paid (this excludes those sites that are considered scams, those who failed to pay their writers). The articles are around 400 words and you get to earn from either the Likes or comments your article gets or from the SEO capability of your article. Another site pays their writers depending on the views that the entire site gets.

Have you tried that?


  • These are old posts, but should be useful in helping you figure out what's what and how most things work:

  • Are these sites that host articles online and pay you per view? I haven't tried that, yet. However, I am thinking about using these platforms in order to optimize my referral links. I don't know how well it works and I have to personally be honest that the link is a referral link. I've clicked on many links to take me to sites without knowing they were referral links. I don't think this is the best way to build credibility and trust among readers.
  • Disclosure is always better with referral links: if you're honest, people are more likely to use them, I find. You can even offer the referral and non-referral links, to give them the choice.

    As far as rev share goes, the only site that most folks still trust to make decent income is HubPages. Most of the others took a beating from the Panda update and their earnings have all but disappeared. HubPages survives because it's absolutely enormous, so the internal community can keep things going - especially since they bought Squidoo!
  • Thank you, SpikeWyatt! I spent a few hours trying to remember the name of HubPages. I registered with them a long time ago, but I never wrote anything since I didn't know what niche I would be writing for. As a seasoned writer, do you have any advice for attracting viewers to pages like this?
  • 'Fraid not - I suck horribly at marketing. It's a real weakness given what I do for a living, but my brain just doesn't seem to be willing to work the right way!
  • There was one site mentioned by a friend. Reputedly, according to the hype, Elite Visitors really pay. However, there was only one member who claims to have received payment. And then... the bubble popped just like that. The admin said that the owner of the site ran off with the money. And what happened to the writers who had posted their hard-written works there? All empty-handed.
  • There are a number of sites such as "textbroker" or "odesk" where you can get hired to write specific articles.  On textbroker you  have to submit test articles to get rated, and you can then choose articles offered for writers of your skill level.  They use AP style, so it is a good idea to use a grammar checker (also spelling and punctuation.  The higher your rating, the better the pay.  I try to steer clear of sites that use foreign writers.  I have seen writers who will write 500 word articles for $1 because they can live on $5 a day.
  • @thomaspendrake, that screening of articles is the thing that turns off writers. Most internet writers are amateurs and aspiring not really for the writing but more for the earning. You can guess that most of their submissions would fail the rating process. I have several friends who have tried that scheme (I forgot the site's names) and all of them failed for one reason or another. For now, they just settled with forums that they say pay more.
  • I don't like the paying for views, although it make sense from an advertising perspective. I would rather get paid upfront on an agreed upon topic. There are just too many variables to get paid for views. 

    Having said that, if you have content that you feel is important and can't really find a good home for it, you might try posting it on a "we'll pay you based on how many views you get" site.
  • I have to admit that, back in the 60s, I had a 798 (out of 800) on my language SATs (and 800 on math) and took Honors English classes at William and Mary (I was on a Physics scholarship). So I have had no trouble passing the rating process.  I do have a problem with Textbroker because they us AP style, and that was a good way to earn an F where I went to school. If you plan to write for a newspaper (Do they still exist?) I guess AP is OK.

    I was taught that what is now called the Oxford comma is the correct way to write.  I never did not see it until I started writing for Textbroker. Some of the "corrections" they have suggested totally changed the meaning of what I was trying to say.  It is a common complaint about AP style.
  • @thomaspendrake, I am curious with that Oxford comma you mentioned. I grew up (in school) where we use comma in the traditional way - there were apples, grapes, and pear. But now that has changed to - there were apples, grapes and pear. Which one is the Oxford comma?

    In the first one, it is very clear that the 3 fruits are equally there. In the second one, there are 3 fruits but it seems that grapes and pear are in one container. That's how I understood it when we were using the traditional comma.
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    The Oxford comma is the one that makes sense, the one that separates EVERY item in a series over two. There is also the facetious Cambridge comma; apples, grapes and, pears.
    I think that there are also other aspects of AP style that are bad English, but I don't remember what they are.  The real problem is that AP style is meant to appeal to about a 6th grade reading level.  That is fine for some purposes, but terrible for academic writing, or other writing intended for educated adult readers.

    Just curious, about when and where did you go to school.  I am curious because of how it relates to English style.
  • I entered first grade in 1968, enrolled in a Catholic school operated by nuns who were mostly foreigners. The medium of instruction was English so we were oriented to the English language that early. And in the 4th grade, we have the theme writing (essay) in English.

    Now, the medium of instruction in schools is Filipino, that may be the reason why children here are poor in English spelling and grammar.
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    @ thomaspendrake One thing that I've noticed with AP style is that it does not use Cambridge style grammar. The example that you gave was perfect. It would be "apples, grapes and pears" using AP style (no comma between grapes and pears). I still have to grasp using more Oxford in my writing. I was basically brought up with AP style.
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    Yes, I write for HubPages myself and the content I have there generates a payout each and every month in residual income. That's with 229 articles published with an average length of about 1200 words each. Many of them also include videos and images. I also write for DailyTwoCents which is newer and smaller but has a very low payout rate and generates a decent amount of traffic. You only earn a tiny amount of income from it, even with masses of traffic, but the income is generally ongoing and never stops.
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