Want to be a freelance writer?

Don't like marketing?

Just want to earn, not run a business?

The gurus say you can't possibly build a successful freelance writing career without dedicating a third of your time to marketing.

A third? What the hell? You don't have the time for that!

You're constantly struggling to fit assignments around other responsibilities. You don't want to go the whole hog because you're a full-time parent, student, carer or have another job.

What you want is a successful part-time writing career. One that'll generate decent income but won't take over the more important parts of your life. 

You want to go the half hog!

"Going The Half Hog", Spike Wyatt's new book, reveals the secrets of building a successful part-time freelance writing career without wasting your time and energy on self-promotion.

  •  How to freelance as a writer
  • What you need to get started as a half-hogger
  • The basics of online content creation
  • The "natural marketing" alternative that takes almost no time or effort
  • Where to find freelance writing jobs that suit you
  • How to sort through the crap jobs and find the gems
  • The major ways to earn - all with their pros and cons
  • Avoiding the cheats and scams
  • The editing and proofreading route to success

Over 100 pages of essential information to get your half-hog career off the ground...

For less than the price of a couple of pounds of pork sausages!


Order your copy NOW! 

 Paperback also available from Amazon.com

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