Guest Posting on The Half-Hogger

Do you have an interesting new angle on freelancing? Do you want to be featured on The Half-Hogger?

You’ve seen the main categories on the blog and in the book:

  • Direct work (writing to order, writing on demand)
  • Revenue share (hosted sites or monetised blogs)
  • Bidding sites (the big four or the smaller ones)
  • Job listings (on other blogs, aggregators or classifieds)
  • Marketplace (of which there are very few)
  • Magazines (and periodicals, etc.)
  • Natural Marketing (advertising or marketing without effort)
  • Other posts (freelancing, writing and other stuff)

If you’ve got a fantastic idea for an article in one of those areas that will help half-hoggers around the globe achieve even more, get in touch! They don’t even have to be ground-breakingly new if they’re helpful (how-to’s and so on are welcome if they’re well-written and targetted to the half-hog community).

As a rule, guest posts are unpaid but if you write very high quality content and have a particularly good idea you’d like to sell, we can talk money.

Just drop me a line below to get the ball rolling!