Build Your Writing Confidence

The best way to build your writing confidence is to be consistent. Regardless of how long you’ve been writing, the magic formula to boost your writing confidence is no secret: you have to establish a habit of writing. The more you develop this habit, the more adept you will become.

Begin with a goal of 100 words per day. Gradually increase this number and you will soon be writing thousands of words each week.

Compliments are nice, but they should not be what you need to keep going. Submit your work without seeking approval from others. You must write for yourself, understand your work and know it is good.

Writers need to read. Reading will inspire you to write words of your own. Your goal should be to create even better work than what you read.

Why do you read the same writers’ work? It inspires you! Be sure to write something that inspires you, and so is likely to inspire your readers. Writing to fill word count will show, but if you are trying to change the lives of others in a small way, your work should shine. And when you know you are inspiring others, you will automatically be more confident about your work.

These steps to writing confidence are simple and easy to follow. Start using them today to improve your work!

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