Content is King. Authority content is Pope.

With all the changes in Google’s ranking algorithms, content is king. Useful, informative articles that answer your customers’ questions or offer practical help are a great way to rank better with the search engines.

But what about emotion?

To really generate buzz for your site or business, you need people to be involved. You need customer engagement. And for that, you need authority content.

Good content is something your visitor will read and appreciate. They may stay on your site to read more. They may share it with friends. They may bookmark it for later. Like a monarch or a president, good content is not only bright and shiny enough to attract tourists, but powerful enough to demand attention.

Authority content grabs your reader by the entrails. It speaks with a voice beyond everyday authority. It sparks emotion and demands attention, that readers share it with people, that they talk about it and remember it. Authority content is Pope, Dalai Lama, brahmin, imam and Kohen.

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