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Going the Half Hog turns accepted business thinking on its head to reveal the secrets of building a successful part-time freelance writing career without wasting your time and energy on self-promotion. This book condenses years of accumulated freelancing knowledge into a single volume: with all the research, achievements, mistakes, stumbling blocks, tips and little-known tricks in one place, it’s an outstanding resource for beginners and experts alike.

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The Half-Hogger

Essential reading for any freelance writer but especially the part-timers, The Half Hogger is the blog that covers everything from getting clients to in-depth surveys of writing sites all over the Internet.


The Half-Hog Forums

Join the ever-growing community of friendly, helpful half-hoggers and learn from their experience. Share your ideas, get advice, find work or just chat with freelancers all over the world.


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In partnership with Haibtext, HHN proudly presents a writing apprenticeship program for Nigerians. Learn to write better and get paid for your work (direct to your domestic bank account) at the same time!


WLE Pro & World

Haibtext's HHN-powered article marketplace is one of the easiest ways to sell your content! No fees, no marketing, no price wars, no bidding and no obligations. WLE Pro is for Nigerians, WLE World is for everyone!

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